And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now. The clock is striking twelve’s.

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Title: shingeki no kyojin
Artist: opening - orchestra
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Opening of the year


"be a good boy when out with your father today!"

"i will!"

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important headcanons to consider:

  • can they use chopsticks
  • what do they do when they cant sleep
  • what would they impulse buy at the grocery store
  • what order do they wash things in the shower
  • what’s their coffee order
  • what sort of apps would they have on their smartphone
  • how do they act around children
  • what would they watch on tv when they’re bored and nothing they really like is on
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Why Hanji?




Major spoilers for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin below, I can’t enter a cut, sorry
Spoilers about Erwin, Hanji, and Mike in the Clash of the Titans arc

Okay, so when Erwin is attacked by a titan (haaa) which leads to the eventual dismemberment of his arm, he screams “there’s a replacement for me”, meaning he’s already chosen someone to be the next Commander of the Survey Corps, should something happen to him.

I’m assuming he chose Hanji.
He didn’t choose Levi, for sure, and he didn’t know Mike was dead at the time, as far as I can remember.

There is, however, a part where someone states Mike is “the second toughest soldier to Levi”.

So if it was in terms of who would be the logical choice for Commander, it’d go Levi, Mike, THEN Hanji.

Like, okay, I love Hanji, she’s smart, strong enough to be an officer, and ambitious. I still can’t see a reason Erwin chose Hanji.

She isn’t exactly the best leader, what with Moblit having to follow her around. She’s extremely smart, but Levi is too, and Hanji is a good communicator, so if she wasn’t Commander, she would easily state plans to the Commander. She’s certainly not the strongest out there, Levi and Mike are.

Erwin does trust her a great deal, but he trusts the other officers just as much. There are times when he calls her “Hanji-san” though, even when they’re in private, but she calls him “Erwin”, so while she doesn’t need to use a term of respect towards him, he uses one towards her sometimes. Erwin calls the other officers simply by name.

I’m very confused as to why he chose her instead of someone who would be more capable, as much as I think choosing her as Commander was a good idea.

I’ll take off my Hanji fangirl goggles for this, because I think this response requires composure.

To preface my response, why not Hanji? Better yet, why Levi?

Levi’s position was not ranked any better than Hanji. Actually, Isayama recently said that Levi’s position isn’t even a formal part of Scouting Legion military rank. Like some kind of rogue special ops officer. So, that alone could have taken him out of the running for all we know. But, there’s so much more. Had Mike not died, I wholeheartedly believe that he would have been next in line for commander. But since he did, who else was seen by Erwin’s side the most? Think about the manga and even in the anime. It wasn’t Levi. It was Hanji.

She isn’t exactly the best leader, what with Moblit having to follow her around. She’s extremely smart, but Levi is too, and Hanji is a good communicator, so if she wasn’t Commander, she would easily state plans to the Commander. She’s certainly not the strongest out there, Levi and Mike are.

I honestly don’t understand what you mean here by saying she’s “not the best leader”. Moblit follows her around, because he’s her vice captain. I assume you mean that Moblit is having to keep her from getting herself in eaten by her experiments when you say this, and please correct me of I’m wrong. But, Hanji is reckless with exactly no one’s lives but her own. And, that’s not theory. That’s canon. There’s not a single instance in the manga that Hanji’s actions put others lives at risk other than her own. 

Against the Colossal Titan:


In this scene, she wasn’t all “Ufufufu, hehe. Wow, you guys!! Let’s do science on this cool new titan!!” No, she immediately said “Get away from the wall!!!” That’s because there were more important things at hand. Like everybody’s lives, for example. And, she still makes sure that they’re behind her, not the other way around.

The fandom (not saying you, but the fandom in general) has this perception that Moblit is this poor indentured servant of Hanji, who has to constantly clean up her messes. But, Moblit, more than anything, seems to stay by Hanji’s side not out of fear that she’ll do something stupid. But rather out of loyalty and respect. 

You say that Hanji isn’t as strong as Levi or Mike. Define strong, though? Physically? Probably not. But, her strengths are better suited for a commanding position than any other squad leader. Commanders aren’t just strong. They’re strategist, they’re smart, and they’re excellent communicators. Levi may very well be physically stronger than Erwin (maybe), but Erwin is commander and I believe that he would have been even if he and Levi had entered the military at the same time. Why? Because Erwin is unusually smart, as is Hanji. 


You downplay the fact that Hanji can communicate, which of course I, as a Communications major, disagree with entirely. Good communicators are commanders. That’s what separates them from regular soldiers and regular officers. They can influence people, manipulate when need be, lead, inspire, give orders. They have extensive knowledge and know when to draw on that knowledge. They know what moves to make when. They’re the chess players. Communicating is probably the most important part of the job. If you can’t communicate, you can’t get people on your side. And with no one on your side, who do you have to command? Levi is not a good communicator. That’s a fact. He actually needs Hanji as a translator. He’s very bad at getting his point across, often unintentionally offending people. That’s not good for someone who is supposed to not only lead what’s left of the masses, but who needs to convince the public to stop seeing them as the enemy and get on the side of the Scouting Legion. The Scouting Legion needs a persuader. Not one who can persuade with threats or strength (not when they’re viewed as murderers right now), but with words. Between Hanji and Levi, Hanji is the one, hands down. 



Four. That’s how many squads Hanji commanded by herself in the attack against the Armored and Colossal Titans. Her ability to draw on her knowledge of ancient armor in a high-stress situation is what gave Eren the upper hand in the battle.


Had the Colossal Titan not emitted searing steam and dropped down on them, Eren and Hanji, et all, might have won.

In fact, we’ve actually seen Hanji successfully commanding squads more often than either Levi or Mike. Levi has only ever commanded one squad at a time, not including when he temporarily took over Hanji’s. 

Erwin not only respects her as he does that others, he has based plans off of her findings. He has the utmost confidence in her knowledge. The plan to recapture Eren after he was kidnapped by the titans? That was Hanji’s plan. Not just Hanji, a horribly injured, struggling-to-speak Hanji. She pulled through her pain enough to map out plans that Erwin, the Scouting Legion, The Military Police and the Garrison all listened to.



That is a leader, and a damned good one at that. 

To be honest, that whole battle with the Armored and Colossal Titans alone should be enough proof that Hanji is, far and above, commander material and justify why she was picked.

Hanji is a good communicator, so if she wasn’t Commander, she would easily state plans to the Commander.

If there is someone with excellent leadership skills, excellent communication skills, AND who is good at coming up with strategies, why would one waste time making them second-in-command when they should be commander? What good is a commander when he’s only a marionette to a more intelligent puppet master? Why not just follow the puppet master instead?

Levi is not the logical choice. He has physical strength, but he doesn’t have what Hanji has, and that’s what makes her the better candidate. I genuinely can’t see Levi as a commander at this point. I just can’t. He’s done little to nothing to show that he could be a commander. NOT SAYING that he hasn’t shown leadership qualities. He absolutely has. But Hanji carries herself more like a commander in battle than Levi does. She’s the one who is helping with the big strategies. Even Levi acknowledged in Chapter 52 that her decision was like what Erwin would have said. For Erwin to choose Levi over someone like Hanji, would have made no sense. Not with the evidence of Hanji’s commanding skills that we’ve seen.

I’m sorry for the long rant. This is just something I’ve seen many people say since she was promoted, and I just have a hard time understanding the reasoning behind it.

agree with you 100%.  

Just because a person is ‘strong’ that DOES NOT MAKE THEM FIT TO LEAD.

People who think Levi should be commander either believe that STRENGTH is all that’s necessary to lead or…they’ve erased all of Levi’s flaws from their minds by placing him on some pedestal (as usual, and this is prob more likely)

(1) Levi can’t think as far ahead as Erwin or Hange so when it comes down to making decisions WHO DOES HE RELY ON? He relies on Hange or Erwin, we’ve seen this already and he actually says it himself.

(2) When Nifa returned with Erwins plans What did we find out? LEVI FORGOT TO INFORM HIS SQUAD ABOUT THE SITUATION. What commander makes this kind of mistake? This blunder made the situation FAR worse than it should have been and In desperation he threatened a comrade and future queen. Talk about spectacular leadership qualities! >_>

(3) One of his flaws and quirks is his inability to communicate his thoughts properly, in other words… HE LACKS SOCIAL SKILLS and as a result he can be easily misunderstood (why else does he need Hange to translate for him???) Now, Hange may be enthusiastic in regard to studying titans, but she has social skills as well as empathy (as does Erwin) 


Q: I want to understand the exact rank hierarchy of the Captain, is it Commander -> Captain -> Squad Leader? It feels like the Captain has a completely separate position.

A: “Captain” isn’t actually part of the official military ranks (In SnK). It’s a separate position


Summary: Levi may be an inspiration and Levi may be considered ‘humanities strongest’ but his skills (or lack thereof) don’t make him fit to lead.

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i like books

Myers Briggs By Superpowers


INFJ: Visions of the future
ESTP: Superhuman strength
INTJ: Immortality
ESFP: Ability to freeze time
INFP: Literary manipulation
ESTJ: Power negation
INTP: Omniscience
ESFJ: Healing powers
ISFJ: Visions of the past
ENTP: Dimensional travel
ISTJ: Photographic memory
ENFP: Reality warping
ISFP: Shape shifting
ENTJ: Mind control
ISTP: Invulnerability
ENFJ: Empathic powers


I love it how in Polish you can write Jean’s name phoneticaly with only two letters. like, how cool is that. So yeah, have some żą 

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